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Join MSD Biotech, Dublin and Invent, Impact, Inspire


MSD Biotech, Dublin is looking for innovative thinkers to join them in shaping the future of biotech in Ireland and play a significant role in the next chapter of our invention and discovery story. The facility will push the boundaries of science and offer team members the opportunity to discover new medicines that treat the world’s most significant health challenges and benefit patients globally.

If you want to belong to a team that makes a difference and are committed to inventing for life, the team in MSD Biotech, Dublin would like to hear from you.

Automation Engineer - Specialist


MSD Biotech, Dublin will be MSD’s first ever Large-Scale Mammalian-Based Drug Substance Facility, with the mission and ambition to manufacture breakthrough medicines from Ireland for patients around the world.

This facility will be a significant supplier of drug substances for one of MSD’s key treatments and will also be critical in the future supply of new biotechnology products to its global network. We are assembling a dynamic, motivated, high-performing group to play a pivotal role in the manufacture of MSD’s biologics-based medicines, including in the area of immuno-oncology.

Welcome to your future

Featured jobs in MSD Biotech, Dublin

TEC001329 Lead Bioprocess Associate Dublin, Ireland
BUS003092 Automation Engineer - Specialist Dublin, Ireland
BUS003090 Automation Engineer - Senior Specialist Dublin, Ireland
PRO018406 Senior Maintenance Technician Dublin, Ireland
QUA008163 Senior Automation Compliance Specialist Dublin, Ireland
PRO018569 PMO Program Manager Dublin, Ireland
SUP001512 Supply Chain Data Steward Dublin, Ireland
PRO018591 Associate Director - Engineering (Validation) Dublin, Ireland
MAN005800 Technical Lab Service lead Dublin, Ireland
MAI000812 Engineering Specialist - Critical Utilities Dublin, Ireland
MAI000839 Engineering / Maintenance Planner Dublin, Ireland
MAI000794 Equipment Engineer Downstream Dublin, Ireland
EMP001138 Learning Specialist Dublin, Ireland
TEC001370 Upstream/Downstream Bioprocess Associate Dublin, Ireland
MAI000856 Utilities Engineer Dublin, Ireland
MAI000854 Senior Utilities Engineering Specialist / Clean Utilities SME Dublin, Ireland
TEC001373 Senior Bioprocess Associate Dublin, Ireland
PRO018870 Upstream Manufacturing Shift Manager Dublin, Ireland
ENG004319 Equipment Safety Engineer Dublin, Ireland
ENG004318 Reliability Engineer Dublin, Ireland
QUA008419 QC Bioassay Specialist Dublin, Ireland
QUA008418 QC Microbiology Analyst Dublin, Ireland
QUA008424 QC Chemistry Analyst Dublin, Ireland
QUA008422 QC Chemistry Specialist Dublin, Ireland
MAT000670 Logistics Manager Dublin, Ireland
MAN006070 Manufacturing Technologist (MES Lead) Dublin, Ireland
MAT000669 Supply Chain Operational Excellence Lead Dublin, Ireland
MAN006068 Operational Excellence Lead Dublin, Ireland
SHA002015 Analytics Senior Specialist Dublin, Ireland