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Join MSD Ballydine and Invent, Impact, Inspire


MSD Ballydine is looking for innovative thinkers to join them in inventing new products from pilot to commercial scale. Our existing portfolio and future pipeline offers Ballydine team members the opportunity to operate at the cutting-edge of science and technology, and develop new treatments that positively impact patients across the globe.

If you want to belong to a team that makes a difference and are committed to inventing for life, the team in MSD Ballydine in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, would like to hear from you.


MSD Ballydine develops and supplies the active ingredients and final formulated product for a range of innovative medicines at its manufacturing and R&D facilities. The plant, which has been operating in Tipperary for over 40 years, exports to over 25 countries around the world with primary markets being Europe, USA and Japan.

Our highly-skilled local workforce of 500 employees is now leading the way in the development of new medicines, including MSD’s new treatment for hepatitis C, which is being manufactured in Tipperary for patients around the world.

Welcome to your future

Featured jobs in MSD Ballydine

PRO017526 Senior Process Engineer (Capital Projects), Global Engineering Solutions Tipperary, Ireland
CHE006256 PDC Development Engineer Tipperary, Ireland
CHE006268 Technical Process Engineer Tipperary, Ireland
WAR000662 Production Operators Tipperary, Ireland
EQU000481 E&I Technician Tipperary, Ireland
CHE006332 ADC Laboratory Analyst Tipperary, Ireland
CHE006330 ADC Team Leader Tipperary, Ireland
ENG004189 Chemical Process Engineer Tipperary, Ireland
MAN005969 Associate Director, Analytical Change Steward Tipperary, Ireland
PRO018669 Senior Development Chemist Tipperary, Ireland
MAI000838 Maintenance Planner Tipperary, Ireland